Black Rainbow by J.J McAvoy Reviewed !!!

Black Rainbow is fun and sexy standalone read, with lots of steam and an engaging story line. This is my first book from J.J McAvoy, so I really didn’t know what to expect, I picked this book very randomly and was glad I did. It is a very entertaining story about forbidden love and sacrifices made for love.

Law student Thea Cunning discovers that she spent a week in bed with her new professor Levi Black and she can’t decide between running in the opposite direction or be one of his 12 disciples. Levi Black is not only her professor (Harvard Law) but also one of the top criminal lawyers in the state of Massachusetts. To set her father free she needs to learn from the best and Levi Black is the answer. But can she learn under the best, without under the best?

The story starts with the present where Thea is shocked to be discovered that the soloist she spent a week with is none other than her professor Levi Black aka El Diablo. Further it alternates between the present following Levi and Thea battling between the school and resisting the attraction towards each other and the past describing the sizzling week long affair they had and digging into Thea’s past.

After the shock settles and with the malevolent treatment she gets from Levi she manages to keep up and decides to stick to her chosen path, if she had to free her innocent father from the prison. But for staying in the class not only she has to get over their forbidden affair but also to beat students who were like hungry sharks to be one of the 12 disciples of Levi Black and intern in his law firm, it was interesting to see how smartly she manipulates and sets her spot in the chosen 12. The story progresses with Thea’s past and their budding relationship along with the pressures of law school, their high profile cases and freeing Thea’s father.

As for the storyline, it was interesting. I particularly like the structure of the book. What I love about the book is that despite being the Alpha, Levi was the one on the softer side in the relationship. Beyond Thea and Levi, the second characters were also amazing and their development along the story was interesting… Tristan, Bethan and Selena. I really liked Atticus and Vivian despite them being nemesis in the beginning with Thea.

On the whole the book is an entire package of emotional baggage, sizzling hot romance and humor, unexpected twists and lots of drama.

 Absolutely 5/5 stars! I would definitely re-read this book.

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