Reviewed CONSOLATION by Corinne Michaels !!!!

I Laughed, I Cried and I felt.. OMG WHAT A BOOK. I was absolutely blown away. This book had me hooked and weepy from the beginning. I just couldn’t put it down. It was smooth and story flowed easily. I didn’t even realise when i was half way through the book, it consumed me and i felt every emotion along with. It has alternate POV’s and i was addicted.


Natalie is strong and a beautiful woman. All her actions were pleasantly justified in the story.
The book begins with the loss of Natalie, how she loses her Ex Navy Seal husband (Aaron) on a mission while she is pregnant. Grieving for her husband, going through life one day at a time and finding strength for her daughter (Aarabelle) who is the only reason left to keep moving in life. It was absolutely gut wrenching.  Then one day Liam shows up. Liam Dempsey is Aaron’s best friend, noble, honest, hot, kind, reliable, HOT, sexy, sensual, charming and he is FORBIDDEN.


Their chemistry is fantastic and the banter between them is so much fun. He can see through her, wouldn’t let her pretend that everything was ok. He just let her be.He was her shoulder to lean on and a friend when she needed the it the most. Liam changed everything… Innocent friendship turns into so much more and new romance blooms. Love does not happen over night and to see Lee and Liam battling out their doubts, feelings, and emotions was pretty brutal. But yet, it was what helped them mould and strengthen their relationship.


Seeing him with Aara was just heart melting.

“Lying on the couch is Liam with Aarabelle fast asleep on his chest. Her tiny hand is wrapped around his and they’re both holding on to each other. His huge body shields her as his arm holds her tight. It breaks my heart and mends it at the same time. Two parts of me are pulled apart. The one side that’s sad it’s not her father. The other part is grateful it’s Liam. Aarabelle shifts a little, and even in his sleep, he moves to accommodate and protect her.”

And just when everything was perfect and you want a happy ending, BOOM !! I was in no way prepared for this to come. That ending was thoroughly gasp-worthy. Its a fantastic cliffhanger that will leave you shocked and wanting more.

I give this book 5/5 stars and definitely recommend it. Authors writing style is fantastic.

Warning : Its highly Addictive !!!!!!


  1. Thank you for writing the review for this book…I have been wondering to give it a spin and so to its sequel. After going through your review it made the decision super simple! Rad work. .keep it up, look forward to more reviews.

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