4 Dreamboat Stars !!!!

These books were  addictive , thrilling, emotional , romantic, sexy , and everything I could want in a series.

After the cliffhanger from the first book, I was desperate to read this one.I knew it would be a helluva book, just could not put it down. It had enough drama to keep you on your toes. There were some really heart breaking moments in the story, but it wasn’t as intense or emotional like the first one. Definitely steamier thou.

As expected Natalie’s life was crazy after Aaron’s return, but what i like the most is that she was head strong about who she wants and she loves. Her love for Liam wasn’t circumstantial, it definitely wasn’t a consolation price. She didn’t go back and fourth between them. I like how she handled situations with Aaron, she did not lead him on at all and stayed true to her feelings.

B3A5DCEE-5BA6-45D1-A3CD-2A2B98A9D583C06C1767-9C20-40C9-B88B-902C704D05C7DREAMBOAT…Liam Liam Liam… Just absolutely love his character. I adored the vulnerable side of him in this story, love knowing about his personal life. Liam and Natalie sure went through a hell in this one but they earned their happy ending. All the situations were beautifully handled.


I also loved all the side characters in the story. Individually all of them were very strong characters. Especially loved Rea, Mark and Quinn. Seeing Aron determined to get her back broke my heart a little. I hope Aaron gets his book too.. (Please Please Please CORINNE MICHAELS)

It was amazing to see how the story was developed and ended. On the whole it was a great read.

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