4 COCA – COLA STARS !!!!!!!

BOOKLATTE hollywood dirt cover

“They say that love is finding your souls’s match in another… I found my match. I found him, let him wrestle me to the ground, and then turned around and made him mine.”

Hollywood dirt is a contemporary romance set in small southern town. It is filled with humour, romance, revenge and drama.

Cole Masten is practically THE hollywood royalty, gorgeous, sexy as sin, a star, hot, sexy, three times Academy Award winner. Waittttt !!!! Did i mention SEXY…

BOOKLATTE Hollywood dirt C

After being betrayed by his wife, this hollywood star is the sexiest bachelor who parties hard and screws even harder. To save him from his own destruction, his divorce attorney Brad De Luca (YES YES YES you heard me right.. its BRADDDD again) sends him to Quincy a small town in Georgia (His next film location) to lay a low profile and get his mind off hustle bustle of LA.

BOOKLATTE hollywood dirt S

Summer Jenkins is the Quincy’s outcast, because of a certain incident that happened few years back. She is the caretaker of an estate in Quincy. She lives with her mother and keeps a low profile. Only thing summer wants is to move far away from Quincy and make a new life for herself. Oh and she can cook some mean dumplings. So when the opportunity arrives, where she meets the location scout of the movie she decides to grab it and make the best out of it.

And then BAMMMM Cole meets summer. NO NO NO as you think, its not love at first sight. Its called the Battle of egos at first sight. Summer is stubborn and has no filter, where Cole is a spoiled star who is used to having people worship him. Yes you can imagine now. Yet cole is impressed with her attitude and offers her the main lead in her movie (Summer is exactly what he wants).

The love/hate romance between this southern sassy girl and the hollywood royalty had me laughing and in awe of their relationship at the same time. It was a clash of two different worlds. I cannot believe… she gave him a Rooster (COCKY) as a pet. It was adorable to see Cole taking care of it. I truly enjoyed the pace of this book and how Cole and Summer falls in love. It was just perfect. It was an Effortless and Entertaining read.

“This was not a rebound, this was not infatuation, this was the end of this life as he knew it, and the realisation hit that even if she didn’t want him, he would never ever find another woman like her, he would never ever get other her.”

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