Reviewed SCREWED by KENDALL RYAN !!!!!!

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Screwed is a cute contemporary love story by Kendall Ryan. It has alternate POV. I enjoyed the cockiness of Hayden Oliver and smart-ass-straight-up attitude of Emery Winters. This is about sexy friends to being romantic lovers with a lot of humour and tension.


HAYDEN OLIVER is a property developer along with his best-friend Hudson. Together they own multiple complex apartments in the downtown LA. Hayden is gorgeous, sexy and loaded (Oh he is 9 inches loaded alright!!!!) and a manwhore, who enjoys women a little too much which often gets him in trouble. Everything was working just fine until one day, Hudson got tired of Hayden’s one night stand with the tenants and then later on brushing them off, turning them into very pissed off tenants. He warns off Hayden to clean up his act. And just the very moment Hayden sees his new tenant Emery Winter.

“Jesus, she’s pretty. Like spring an awkward erection and come way too soon pretty.”

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Emery Winters is Hot, Intelligent, Smart, Independent, Confident and No-bullshit attitude. She just moved to LA and is a known law firm Intern. After some bad relationships in the past, she had sworn off men (LIKE SERIOUSLY!!!!!)

Hayden and Emery have undeniable attraction towards each other, but both of them are trying not to act on it and just try to be friends (not for the lack of trying from Hayden thou). Emery had been warned by people not to get involved with Hayden, whereas Hayden is trying to prove that he can be “JUST FRIENDS” with her. Its so cute to see him trying. Going to yoga classes and taking her to vegetarian restaurants were something he never dreamt of doing in million years. Story follows them resisting temptation and then giving in, leading them both being totally screwed.

“Because this friends-only thing? It fucking sucks.”

Reading a book written by Kendall Ryan is usually so much fun. She is one of the best selling authors. Screwed wasn’t much of an exception, but i had more expectation with the book. The story wasn’t extraordinary but it was cute and light hearted romance. I would give this book “3.5 Friends Only Stars”

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