Reviewed MASTERED by K.L. SILVER !!!!!

Ever thought about BDSM ? 

This book is unlike any other BDSM i have ever read. It explains the mindset, the emotions of a Dom/Sub relationship. A Submissive is not condescending, rather a treasured and loved possession to her master. The relationship was beautifully explained by the author and gives you a new perspective in the forbidden and misunderstood world of BDSM.

BOOKLATTE Mastered cover

“The submissive is by no means the lesser partner in the relationship, but a full and contributing half. In their own submissive way and from their proper submissive place, of course”

Mastered is the journey of Missy Weaver finding and accepting her true self despite her self-denial for a very long time. Missy is a single mother to teenage Christopher. Missy had always dreamt and thought of being a submissive but never accepted it out loud. She denied herself of it because she feared the notions of the world around her and the judgements of people around her. She was going through the motions of life without really living her life, Until one day in a grocery store she meets the match of her lost soul, her master James Colton.(Grocery store, who would have thought !!!!)

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James Colton is a Dom and he knows it. After losing his wife/sub few years back, James was shattered and blamed himself for not being able to save his beloved. He is not over her and lived in self imposed celibacy until that day at grocery store.

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“While she had no idea who she was, she knew instinctively WHAT he was”
James and Missy when met, had an undeniable pull towards each other. Without knowing the mysterious stranger Missy had the urge to submit herself to him. She discovers how strongly James brought the submissive side of her which she had been craving all her life. Against her better judgment she goes to James. So begins Missy’s first foray into a Dom/sub relationship. And she can’t believe how happy and free she feels.

Then one day she stumbles upon James past and without asking him for it, she flees leaving his collar behind…

Will they find their way back to each other?
Will THE MASTER take her back? Read Mastered to find out !!

Mastered is Erotic romance. What I like is how descriptively the characters and their feeling were written. For me this book is 4 Stars.

ARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest reivew! 


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