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Cocky Bastard is a contemporary romance stand-alone novel. First half of the book is Aubrey’s (AH-BREE) POV and Second half is Chance’s POV. This book was “AHHH-MAZING” !!!! It was sweet and funny (had me laughing like a goof) sexy, quick-witted and just enough angst, making you hold onto Chance. First half of the book, made it one of the best reads this year and second half made me fall in love with Chance. And OMG the precious “PIXIE” !!!!! Guess what ? It’s a GOAT ! (its hilarious) Yup you heard me right, their beloved child/pet.

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Chance is an Australian !

With a sexy Australian accent ! 

And dimples..

And he rides a motorcycle ! OMG

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The story starts when Aubrey (AHH-BREEE) was moving her life and belongings, crammed at the back of her Beemer, from Chicago to California. What she never expected was to run into Chance (who belonged to her wildest fantasies) at a rest stop in the middle of Nebraska. They end up making a road trip to California together when Chance’s Harley conks out and Aubrey’s Beemer gets a flat tire. Chance offers her a change of tire in exchange for the lift. On their way Aubrey hits the goat and after getting it checked out, she adopts her. Chance convince Aubrey to make a pit stop in LA for few days and make their trip into an adventure. What transpires on this trip had me in wanting more and more of Aubrey and Chance. It was no surprise that Aubrey was in love with him, but Chance was holding back… All the good things comes to an end right ?


The story takes a turn when the trip ends. It caught me by surprise, just didn’t see this one coming. It broke my heart for both of them. Its Chance’s POV. It was heart melting, to see his determination to tell her the truth and get her back. (PIXIE too)

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Cocky Bastard is an entertaining and amusing story about taking chances and fighting for what you want.

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