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INSTANT LOVE with the Author Bella J after reading her debut novel Resplendent Ruin. She knows her Alpha male and she knows it too well. The story was honestly just addictive! It’s the kind of story where you start the book and then suddenly realize that you’re halfway through and you have barely stopped. It was thrilling, emotional, romantic, hot, sexy, a lot of drama, just what I was looking forward to. Resplendent Ruin is a love triangle between Juliette Mason, her fiancé Daniel Clark and a mysterious stranger Knox Taylor.

Juliette Mason had a perfect life. She was beautiful, stunning, had a perfect fiancé, a perfect 15 rooms luxury apartment, a lifestyle to die for. Juliette and Daniel had been engaged for five of the ten years they had been together. Yes, it seemed like a long engagement—a really long engagement—but with Clarke & Mason in the forefront of their lives, they just never had the time to plan a wedding. With time, Daniel got busy with heavy workload and Juliette took a backseat in his life. They were drifting off.

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Taylor Knox didn’t count on falling in love. He was living an adventurous life, reckless behavior, impulsive decisions, and beautiful women. While Knox is in town for business staying at Lexi’s, he comes across Juliette. It was an instant love-hate bond between them. Knox was an absolute opposite of what Juliette wanted, yet the attraction between them could not be denied.

“His blue irises reminded her of the ocean, crashing and churning and sparkling like diamonds under the moon. One minute they were peaceful and tranquil, the next there was an angry storm threatening to capsize an entire fleet of ships. She felt herself being reined in, little by little, drawn to the center, to the eye of the perfect storm—and there was no way she could fight it.Photo 09-10-15, 11 15 47 PM

While Daniel was away on business, Juliette spent time with Knox, he swept her off her feet and they both started falling for each other.

“I cant stay away from you Juliette.”
“I don’t know what this is between you and me, but God knows I want more of it.”

Magnitude of her feelings for Knox was much stronger than she ever felt before. She starts to see the cracks in her relationship with Daniel, yet she just could not be with Knox.

“I’m in love with you, Duchess, and I will never stop until you are mine.”

It was heart breaking to see her struggle to choose between the two men. The man she promised to spend her life with or the man who had her heart and soul.

Who will she choose? To know more, read Resplendent Ruin.
Click below to grab your copy 👇👇

This was a well written, engaging, heart-warming and at times gut-wrenching love story with a lot of twists and turns.

ARC graciously provided by Author in exchange for an honest review!


  1. Great review! I loved it too!

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