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Investigating the heart is a cute romantic story with a lot of twists and mysteries. It was an entertaining thriller, with easy flow. I really liked all the characters, especially the three beautiful little girls !!!!

The story revolves around the beautiful Emma McCoy, whose life comes to a screeching halt when she loses her husband Jacob in a plane crash. Emma is 7 months pregnant, expecting their third daughter when she gets the news. Another bomb gets dropped on her that her husband was having an affair with their neighbor Veronica, who also died with Jacob in the plane crash. Emma was already devastated by this incident, and adding more insult to injury was knowing that Jacob had blown off all of their life savings. Her family helps her in picking up the scattered pieces of her life back together. She opens a shabby chic cafe called Morning Glory and raises her three beautiful daughters (Lily, Dahlia and Rose). Her life was going at a smooth pace until the day, she sees a blue eyed stranger, sitting in her coffee shop.

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Liam O ’ Reilly is an FBI agent who is new in town. Liam is on a mission and cannot get distracted by Emma. Emma tries to keep her distance, but Liam is determined to win her. Emma’s resolve begins to crumble and she starts dating Liam finally. Liam is genuinely affectionate and caring towards not only Emma, but also her daughters.

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A twist comes up in the story when Emma starts getting threatening calls from a mysterious stranger. Her life is about to change and things will be revealed. What Emma doesn’t know is, Liam was a part of Emma’s life, way before she had known.

Will she be able to survive this and trust again after getting burnt by a relationship once before?

I give this book”3.5 Stars”

I really liked the ending and it was overall a nice read.

ARC graciously provided by the author for honest review.

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