This book is absolutely fantastic. What a great humour, had me laughing like a goof the entire night because I couldn’t put it down. Even thou I looked like a Raccoon the next day,  absolutely worth it. This was my first read by the Author Lauren Layne and I am definitely joining her fan club. The book is a perfect blend of comedy, sass and romance !!!!!

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The guys cracked me up every time they had a meeting (Testosterone Cage Meetings) LOL !! Bromance amongst the guys was fantastic. The chemistry between Penelope and Cole felt just so natural, I loved their banter.

“You know there’s a wastebasket right under my desk, right? That was completely unnecessary.”

“Please. Manly displays of prowess are never unnecessary.” 

The vulnerable side of Cole was heart warming. My heart melted every when Cole and Penelope disguised their feelings for each other.

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Cole Sharpy is Handsome, Athletic, Charming, Ohhhh SO HOTTTTT player. He is the legendary freelance sports editor for oxford magazine. As soon as the position got tangible when magazine announced its own sports spread, Cole had his eyes set on it. What he doesn’t know is, another contender equally qualified for the same position. Penelope Pope aka TINY is a sports fanatic through and through. Name it and she knows it. She is Sweet, Feisty, Sassy and Tomboyish who can hang with the dudes—and write circles around them, too.

After having a humiliating heartbreak by Evan (the douche who apparently stole her job as well in Chicago), she moves to New York for a fresh start and nothing better than being the Sports Editor of Country’s top magazine. Penelope is a total opposite of what Cole desires in his woman, yet he can’t seem to take his mind off her. Penelope knows that she comes off as just one of the guys, so thinking of anything more that friends will lead to another heart-break. So she decides to keep her relationship with cole absolutely platonic.

“The reason she had insisted things not become romantic.

For Cole Sharpe, Penelope would have been one out of a million other women in his life.

For Penelope, Cole might have been one in a million. The only one.”

“The thing is, Tiny…When it comes to you, I don’t have to decide. I don’t have to stop and think about if I want to kiss you. I know. I know every damn day when I see you put on mascara in the reflection of your computer monitor because you forgot to do it at home. I know when we go get coffee together and you can recite every single thing that happened on ESPN the night before. I know when I share my French fries with you at lunch and you eat all of them. I know—”

They kiss and it turns into a passionate night. Its not just sparks igniting, its a freaking fireworks happening. Keeping their feelings disguised is no longer an option. But when a situation hits, everything gets hay wire.

Will they be able to let go their vulnerability and risk to fall in love ?

 5 Yankees Stars !!!!! for super entertaining book.

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