Congratulations to the Author Eve Dangerfield on her debut novel “Degrees Of Control.”

OMG!!! This book is just WOW!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! It’s not what I expected, it consumed me and yet I felt unsatisfied. Definite page turner. It has fantastic humour, a beautiful storyline, erotic yet adorably romantic, great secondary characters. Book was a constant hot and cold drama, very well developed story.

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Meet Charlotte Bell aka Charlie aka Blue-eyes. She is a yoga teacher and a vegan and she doesn’t drink. Wow thats really environmental-friendly.She is sweet, witty, kind and beautiful with a hentai look. And OMG she is an Australian too!!!! Charlie moves to Minneapolis,U.S.A with her boyfriend Dale who was a musician just in hopes of happiness eternal. But Dale soon becomes Douche and hence they split. Now charlie has a kinky side to her which hasn’t been explored.All her life she had chosen safe, or in Dale’s case, deceptively safe guys, steering clear of the alpha types that made her knees shake.She enjoyed vanilla sex, but in the back of her mind thoughts of being taken and controlled played like dirty films on a continuous loop. Charlie had never explored her sexual needs and now when in new country and new life she thought its time to start. After she confide her needs to her friends, her friend Sophia throws her a party more like an event and tries to set her up with her cousin James Hunter.

“Oh God. Oh God “Handsome” was entirely the wrong word to describe him”

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James Hunter is a Businessman, former football player, former model “he got paid to take his shirt off” (OMG OMG) and a colossal man-whore with an accent to die for, an obnoxious alpha male.

“So let me get this straight, James Hunter is a rich Texan who used to model. You do realise I’m a poor Australian who gets asked if she’s still in high school.”

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They start off casually, only wanting to explore her sexual fetish. Soon it turns into breakfast, lunch and dinner dates. The more they spend time together, more they get addicted to each other, but both are apprehensive with their feelings.

BUT JAMES HAS A PAST!!!! Will he be able to move past it and tell Charlotte about his true feelings?

I truly enjoyed the book and recommend it to everyone. I like how James and Charlotte were opposites, yet in a way Yin to Yang.

Book Releases 30 November, 2015


“ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for honest review”

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