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Cheers to another fantastic story by the Author R.S. Grey. I am already a fan of her writing. Her brilliant sense of humour is reflected in her book. Its Light, No Crazy Drama, Funny, Romantic, Sexy (A perfect getaway book). Their yearning for each other was so H……O……T !!! I had a smile plastered on my face the entire time I was reading. I loved Jo’s Blog. Everything with the characters felt so real. Her best friend Lily was just plain crazy phenomenal via texting. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!!! And OMG her landlady’s party was epic.

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Meet Josephine Kellar aka JO. She is a Texan girl with big dreams but stuck in a small city. She owns a fashion blog “What Jo Wore” and is determined to make it big. To fulfil her dreams of working in fashion industry she moves to New York City, despite her parents dissent. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, her only social life and interaction was her blog. “What Jo Wore”  was her first stepping stone towards the long journey of making it to New York Fashion Scene; in hopes to land the much coveted job at Vogue hoping to repay her Education Loan. When she gets the invitation to New York Fashion Gala, her dreams almost felt tangible. And she meets The Julian Lefray.

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Julian Lefray is practically New Yorks Royalty. He is old money and also a partner in his sister’s Lorena Lefray Designs. He is handsome, charming and a total knock-out. Julian lives in Boston, but when his sister went to rehab and asked him to step in and overtake the company meanwhile, he has to move to New York. Julian meets Jo at the gala and accepts her application to work in Lorena’s company.

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The attraction between them is explosive, but due to their professional relationship its off limits. Jo has too much too loose if she loses her job, so she denies herself. It was admirable to see them both being friends and fight off the urge to jump onto each other.

It is a very cute romantic novel and a must read. You just cannot miss this one. I recommend it to everyone looking for a light funny contemporary romantic novel.


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