This book is my first read by Author Joanne Schwehm and I must say I missed out on some great stuff. I really enjoyed this story. Bentley captured my heart right from the start, how could it not after such an epilogue. I could really feel Bentley’s yearning for Andi. This book has so many emotions going on. Its a sweet, romantic, heart-melting and inspiring book. I enjoyed it throughout. Message behind the book was amazing. It was unique and refreshing.

mybooklatte Critic3

Meet Andrea Jordan aka Andi. She is Beautiful, Gorgeous, Kind, Independent and fiercely Determined theatre actress. Performing at the Broadway is Andrea’s dream forever. She gave up on her trust funds and her Ivy league parents and moves to New Jersey to fulfil her dreams.


Bentley Chambers is a Dream, he is Handsome, Honest, Sexy, Witty and speaks his mind. On the top an Award-wining theatre critic. His reviews can make or break a Broadway performance. Story starts when Bentley first saw Andrea Jordan 5 years back at the grocery store and couldn’t take his eyes off her. Something in her drew him like a moth to a flame. When he discovered his debut review is Andi’s theatre performance, he wanted to give her the best he could. But after seeing her performance, he knew in his heart that Andrea Dawson is far more talent than this. He gives her a critical review hoping she would do better than that, and it break both of their hearts. She had such an impact on him that he could not forget her.


“All i wanted was the best for you. Maybe that’s why my reviews were hypercritical. Watching you flourish is all i ever wanted. Well, until I gave you my heart. Then all i wanted was all of you.”

 For five years Andrea tries harder and harder for her dream to perform at Broadway yet Bentley’s reviews got harsh. When she could take no more, she decides to confront him and ask him Why !!!! Confronting him put her career on the path she never expected.

“But Believe me when Bentley Chambers enters your world… you’ll never be the same.”

I really like all the side characters and my favourite was Gina (Andi’s best friend) She was such a support system to her. It was lovely to see their bond. This is a wonderful story that I am delighted to read.


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