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OPPOSING SIDE  is the story of college senior Lexi Thompson. A sweet, timid, quiet and innocent girl, who comes from a very strict family. She is raised in a very stringent atmosphere with a rigid set of values, where everything is pre-decided for her by her parents. She is 20 years old and engaged to Collin whom she has known all her life. After dating Collin for four years, it was expected out of her to get married to him. Being the perfect daughter she is, she gets engaged to him. But something tells her, that maybe her decision of getting married to Collin wasn’t the right one. She yearned for the love, passion and affection like any other normal couple in love, but Collin has always pushed her away in lieu of honouring her virtue until they marry.

“Collin did love me. When it came to expressing his feelings, he just didn’t know how. He was so hung up on honouring me that he failed to realise how much I needed his affection.”

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Lexi being a college senior has never experienced a real college life, always so focused on grades and her dream to be a teacher. She is a Literature major and also helps in tutoring at the Writing Centre. Besides she only hangs out either with her twin brother Luke, Collin or her roommate a.k.a best friend Delaney. That’s her life.

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Until one day, the Director of the Writing Centre, asks her for a favour to tutor the Star Quarterback of the football team Raven Davenport. Raven is a force of nature. Besides being the “STAR ATHLETE”, he is HOLY SMOKING HOTTTTTT !!!!! A womaniser with a drug problem. A recipe for a total disaster. Lexi knew she should run in the opposite direction (She even made a list of reasons to not tutor Raven), but something in Raven called to her. Spending time with him, she realised her relationship with Collin is lacking passion and intimacy. She was done with being perfect, respectful and the honourable Lexi. Eventually she realises that her marriage with Collin is not the fairytale she always hoped for. She wasn’t even sure if her relationship with Collin was love or just friends.

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Will she take a stand for herself or continue to be in the stringent and loveless relationship?

4.5 RAVEN STARS !!!!!

Below is the link to grab your free copy on Amazon.

“ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review”

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