Reviewed THE SAME SIDE (UNIVERSITY PARK 2) by C.M Doporto !!!!!

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The Same Side is the next book in University Park Series. Its an emotional rollercoaster with so much drama. Lexi is not so timid anymore and she is not afraid to get what she wants. It picks up right where OPPOSING SIDE left off. I just had to start this book, as soon as I finished the part one. I enjoyed this book a lot more.

OMG OMG Raven and Lexi together finally. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!

After the Engagement is officially off, Lexi is free again. But to her freedom felt little tainted as nobody supported her choice, but her best friend Delaney. Things are strained with her family but she refuses to let it pull her down. After few weeks Lexi finds herself getting caught in Raven’s charm or you can say “Raven’s Trap” as she calls it. She continues to explore her new freedom with Raven and ticks off the experiences from her bucket list. Raven’s affection towards her and the passion in their relationship brought her to life.

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This was a new territory for both of them, they were both scared and vulnerable. Feelings were growing deeper and the bond was getting stronger. Raven has his own past and problems to overcome. Lexi makes him want to be a better person in life, yet he doesn’t feel worthy of her love. Lexi feels dubious and insecure with Ravens past.

With Lexi’s family interjecting in the situation and trying to pull them apart, Will they be able to fight for each other and emerge on The Same Side ?

Click on the link to get your copy

4.5 DOVE STARS !!!!!!!

“ARC graciously provided by the author for an honest review”

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