Reviewed THE WINNING SIDE (UNIVERSITY PARK 3) by C.M Doporto !!!!!!

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OMG OMG OMG The Winning Side (University Park 3)!!!!! I have no words to describe, how much I loved this book. There was so much drama I didn’t know what to expect next. And I honestly have no clue how to even begin to review this because…well…So. Much. Happened. I loved how the characters matured from the first book, especially how determined and independent Lexi grew. I started it when I woke and never put it down. It had me hooked. It’s definitely my favourite out of the three books. I am absolutely in “RAVENS TRAP” !!!!!! I loved how it was written, made me fall in love with all the characters.

After the incident, Raven and Lexi have a long road ahead of themselves. Lexi is willing to stand by him, fight his demons and help him retain his career even though, time and again, Raven runs in the opposite direction feeling unworthy of her love and affection.

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“ With every decision, there are consequences — good or bad. I could only hope that Raven’s consequences would tilt to the favorable side.”

Will Lexi be able to TRUST him, this time?

Will the bad circumstances always keep them apart?

Will Raven let her in?

Will they emerge on The Winning Side?

I loved, loved all the side characters (Luke, Delaney, Shelby, Josh, Shawn and Kyle) and I wish we get their stories too. It was happy, sad, funny at times, there was so much love and passion; It had me SWOONING !!!! I wanted more of this book and it ended too soon for me, but I am so excited to read Raven’s POV in next one (A DIFFERENT SIDE)

Grab your copy of this amazing book by clicking on the link below:


“ARC graciously provided by the author for an honest review.”

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