Reviewed THE FALL UP (The Fall Up, #1) by ALY MARTINEZ !!!!!!


I am SOOOOO overwhelmed right now. “The Fall up” by Author Aly Martinez is a beautiful story. To say I was ecstatic to read the story would be an understatement. After reading the blurb and seeing the cover page, I was totally up for reading this one. From the first chapter I was completely hooked. The crazy humour had me laughing and the emotional turmoil of Sam and Levee left me in tears. I loved them flirting and their banter was hilarious. The chemistry between Sam and Levee was OMG… HOTTTT…. HOTTTT….. HOTTTT!!

 “Have you considered that maybe I’m the one who’s in over her head here?” 

“Excellent point. I’m going to need you to try really hard to keep it together, Levee. You haven’t even seen my six-pack and huge cock, yet.”

“You brought beer and chicken?”

Photo 08-11-15, 6 55 43 PM

The Fall up is a story of American sensational Pop Star Levee Williams (A Beautiful woman inside out – strong, kind and loving), who had it all in her life, but somewhere along the fame and hustle bustle of spotlight she lost herself.

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Sam Rivers (A very sexy graphic designer who transforms old furniture into swanky art under label called “rePURPOSEd”, he’s tatted, pierced in all the right places, sexy, funny and strong) is battling the demons of his own.

Photo 08-11-15, 6 24 24 PM

They meet under very unusual circumstances, on the top of a bridge overlooking a dangerous fall. Their worlds collide and turn upside down. Despite being from different walks of life and broken worlds they both infuse a ray of hope in each others life.

Levee- “I knew, from the depths of my soul, that Sam was the rest of my life. Everything else would fall into place. We’d fall up together”

Sam- “There isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t have demons of some sort. No matter who I end up with, it’s always going to be a struggle…Levee, I’d like to struggle with you.” 

Photo 10-11-15, 2 34 08 PM

What happens when these two broken souls find each other ? 

Will they be able to heal and rePURPOSEd their soul?

And I have no words for how much I loved Henry. Just cant wait for his story. This book can be read as a Standalone in a series.


I loved every bit of the story from humour to angst and a swoony romance. Absolutely recommended to all !!!

CLICK HERE for your copy ➜

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