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Wow !!!! I am out of words here. What a beautifully descriptive story. It wasn’t just the movie playing in front of me, I felt like a part of it. Not only the lead characters, but all the side characters were strongly developed in the story. I could relate to each one of them. Every character has a depth and was beautifully entwined in the book. Knowing throughly the background of the characters gives you a better understanding of the story and a magical power to justify their actions and Author Suanne Laqueur gave that to us. It took me way longer than usual to finish this book because I didn’t want to miss any detail. One word for the writing and plot: Brilliant. The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur is a unique story, solely from the lead character Erik Fiskare’s POV about How he met and evolved with other characters, how their actions affected him in life, how he dealt with them and became the man he was. 

After getting abandoned by his father at the tender age of 8 years, Eric was growing to be a guarded boy and struggling to be a guarded man. He wasn’t a trouble maker and knew his responsibilities. From very young age, he got his direction in life. Eric was into sports and doing well, until one injury wrecked his plans for him. As a college freshman, Erik Fiskare aka Fish is drawn to the world of theater but prefers backstage to center stage. One day he comes across a beautiful ballet dancer with dark hair and mystical blue-green eyes named Daisy Bianco aka Dias aka Marguerite Bianco. Daisy was the rising star with majestic beauty and calm and peaceful soul. Erik was drawn to her.

“They held hands on the table, held feet beneath. Erik had never been so relaxed with a girl, never known such comfort with another human being. He had no desire to leave this space, and yet within it, he was free. He could sit with her and feel what he was feeling, with no need to explain it, dismiss it or joke it away. Every time he looked up at her and thought, I love this, she looked up too, and her eyes seemed to nod at him.”

Their love bloomed and they were inseparable. Everything in life was perfect, their friends, family and career was all in right direction. Until one day during the rehearsal of their play “The Man I Love”, one of their own friends came with a gun and started firing. People got injured and died. Daisy and Will (Daisy’s dance partner and Erik’s roommate and closest friend) got shot and were seriously injured. Everything in their lives got haywire and nothing was ever the same again. Their lives changed. They were all victims, some physical and some mentally. It took them time to heal physically but mentally none of them healed, they were traumatized and broken within but none of them tried to deal with it.

“No more driving force toward a goal, nothing to work for or look forward to. She had relentlessly pursued recovery, then rehearsal and finally performance. The curtain was down and the theatre of her heart sat empty. She went around empty-eyed and depressed, wandering lost in the vast, dark cavern of her dreams. The light came back into her face when she was on cocaine, but only for interludes growing more and more fleeting and requiring more and more juice.”

With time they drifted away losing not only each other but the essence of their own and their relationship was destroyed. To survive the loss Erik leaves everything behind cutting all the ties. He just disappears and refuses to look back. For years and years he fights to survive the loss, goes through intense therapies but nothing works out. He tries to move on in life and makes a great career but somewhere within he is a wreck. Daisy was his calm and peace and without her, he is still lost.

“I cannot find the peace I had when I was with Daisy. When I was with her, my cells were happy. I miss looking in her eyes and everything else just disappearing. No other woman I’ve met can look at me and make time stop the way Daisy did. No other woman can talk to me without saying a damn word. Daisy was my soul mate and I miss her.”

After a decade of suffering, Will Erik finally be able to let go the skeletons of his past and rectify the mistakes he made?

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Even though his journey was brutal and traumatizing, at the end there is hope and forgiveness !!!

I recommend this book to all, because you wouldn’t want to miss this beautiful story.

“ARC graciously provided by the author for an honest review”

4.5 Fish Stars !!!!

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