A New York Times bestseller: Hayden Oliver has certain talents that have proven to be… very popular with the women in his complex. So when beautiful Emery moves next-door, he’s unprepared for what he really wants from her: a true connection.

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When Ashley Monroe meets billionaire Xander Boone, she’s taken on an unexpected ride in his luxurious world. Samantha Mayfair, on the other hand, has known billionaire Drake Winslow since childhood. Can Ashley and Samantha win the hearts of their billionaire men?

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Piper has become the target of a series of unsettling vandalisms, so she enlists the help of sexy PI Vance — who she’s secretly been in love with for years. And sparks will fly when the two try to find the culprit…

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Sinclair could become the most powerful person in Louisiana, but he’ll need Stella by his side. She agrees to be his slave to save her father, but Stella vows never to give in to Sinclair’s dark side… no matter how much she may want to.

GRAB YOUR COPY HERE ➜ http://amzn.to/1lwbkD1


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