Reviewed VIOLET CHAIN by J.Kahele !!!!

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“DONT JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER” !!!! Before picking a book I usually do the opposite of saying, but this book was a pleasant surprise. I could literally feel Chain’s love for violet rolling off the pages. The saying also goes for the characters in the story. Chain maybe a badass player but his affection for violet was anything but casual. And violet maybe innocent & naive but her need for Chain turned her into a vixen. This book is a great page turner and the chemistry between Chain & Violet was banging hot !!!!!

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Despite being from a wealthy family VIOLET TOWNSEND is a hardworking girl. She is sweet, innocent, fiercely loyal & caring !!! After being in love with Harrison (an employee in her father’s company) for four years, they were engaged to be married. But on night of their engagement, Violet caught Harrison cheating on her with some redhead in her parents house. WHAT A DOUCHE !!!! She was devastated and engagement was called off. After moping around for two days and with great efforts from her twin elder brothers Vince & Viktor and her best friend Callie, she agrees to go out with her and her boyfriend David. And then she meets Chain Alexander !!!

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OMG !!! CHAIN ALEXANDER is a badass millionaire playboy !!! Yeah kind of a man whore until he laid eyes on Violet Townsend !!! To say his world goes upside down is an understatement. They have an instant connection, but violet refuses to give in due to her scarred relationship history. All she wants from Chain is a passionate experience but Chain wants more than just a romp with her.  His affection, his passion, his vulnerability , his struggle will melt your heart and turn you into a puddle of mush! Violet is being vacillate about being in a relationship again but Chain refuses to give up. 

Will Violet finally let go her inhibitions and act on her true feelings for Chain ?


Find out in VIOLET CHAIN !!!!

Grab your copy here ➜

“ARC graciously provided by the author for an honest review”


  1. Lovely review..can’t wait to get my hands on this book and feel the puddle of mush as you mentioned 🙂 look forward to more reviews! Love your work.

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  2. Thank you ! i am so thrilled 🙂


  3. Wait till you read Hidden Truths! Omg! Just finished it, it was amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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