Reviewed NUTS (Hudson Valley 1) by ALICE CLAYTON !!!!


An Alice Clayton book is exactly what you need on a gloomy day. It always bring humour back in life. Cheers to the beginning of yet another amazing series!

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Nuts (Hudson Valley 1) was a fun, light hearted, steamy and sweet romantic story. It’s a complete package with a smooth flow and uncomplicated storyline. Curiosity, humour and swoon worthy romance had me flipping pages until I finished it. And OMG Leo, I am spellbound “Was he gorgeous & sexy?” OFF THE CHARTS !!!! “Chemistry between Leo & Roxie?” OFF THE CHARTS !!!! A recipe for a helluva story and I am so tempted to go to a farmers market and find my very hot FARMER GUY !!!

ROXIE CALLAHAN is a private chef to Hollywood’s elite, living her dream of making a life in the big city. She was enjoying a thriving career until one night a minor glitch in a snotty celebrity’s indulgence happened and it all came crumbling down. She lived a detached life in LA with only a few friends from culinary school here and there; so when here mother called her back to her hometown for summer, Roxie had no other option but going back to Bailey Falls. Having her mother travelling for summer, she had her family’s diner to herself. Busy with the hustle bustle of the diner, Roxie didn’t expect to come across a very Sexy Farmer making a personal delivery to her family diner. OHHHH BOY ! Leo stumbles in Roxie’s life literally and sugar snap peas are flying everywhere making her summer very very interesting. She wasn’t a romantic and avoided love for several reasons. The idea of having a summer fling with Leo tempted her a lot.

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LEO aka THE LEO MAXWELL very blue blooded Maxwell was an organic farmer unlike rest of his family, bringing revolution in the small town Bailey Falls with his farm production. Leo lived a private life and kept to himself yet he was very warm with the people of Bailey Falls. When he stumbled in Roxie’s life, he couldn’t keep himself from her, and their casual indulgence and fling started becoming something more to them.

 “I was Addicted to all things Leo.”

Roxie despite being city bound, starts liking her work at the family diner and earns a name for herself in a very short time. When things are going smooth for them, somebody from Leo’s past comes across and wreaks havoc in their life !

Will Roxie let go of her dream of living in big city and move past in life with Leo in Bailey Falls?


Leave everything you are doing and grab your copy of this amazing read here➜ . Trust me you wouldn’t want to miss this story and it can be read as a Stand-Alone.

p.s – Bees are assholes !!




  1. Sounds interesting . Love these stories where the protagonists are chefs.

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