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Obsession Down Under by Layne Macadam is a very cute book and something I can see myself reading. It was adorable and I felt myself smiling a lot. There wasn’t really a heavy message or something behind the story, it was just a cute heart melting romantic story with some tragic moments. I enjoyed reading it.      4 COWBOY STARTS !!!!

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Jessica Butler Reid ( Single, Daughter of a Minister, kind hearted, shy and living a boring life ) aka Jessie Rose is a book author who is having a mental block while writing her book. To get a little help, she starts posting her queries on an Internet forum requesting some assistance from military personnel. Replying to her queries, a very handsome ex-military officer turned cattle rancher WHIP ( Single , sexy , AUSTRALIAN omg omg ) becomes her special friend. At first this exchange is purely professional, but soon it takes a personal turn and their conversations turn erotic and wild. Smitten with this woman already, Whip offers Jessie Rose an all expense paid trip to Australia. She gets little apprehensive because they haven’t seen each other, but then agrees to it. Taking a chance on him and looking forward to some adventure in her boring life, she flies to AUSTRALIA. When they come face to face for the first time, they can’t take their eyes off each other and then they finally, kiss. OMG OMG !! I have been waiting for that. After spending some time in Sydney, due to bad weather they head back to his ranch at Highland Glen and plan on visiting Sydney again. Whip has a close knit family of three brothers, a sister in law and a younger sister. To say they were ecstatic to meet Jessica was an understatement. They were warm and welcoming and the time spent with them was heart warming. Whip was caring and always made sure Jessica had the best time, together they explored each other on every level. Then one day Whip’s younger sister Brenda comes back home early for her holidays from school, and ensues a small misunderstanding between Jessica & Brenda that creates havoc in Jessica’s life. Jessica being a kind hearted person she is, gives in and decides to go back to the States. Meanwhile Whip gets injured and Jessica already in love with him, couldn’t leave him alone. The misunderstanding between Brenda and Jessica is cleared by the brothers and everything gets merry & jovial again. Whip proposes to Jessica for marriage and she agrees. Joyous with the idea of getting married to Whip, she then flies back to the States to prepare for the big move coming spring. 

After a few days Whip gets no contact from Jessica, but an e-mail calling off the engagement.


I apologize for not responding sooner. I’ve spent the time giving what I’m about to say a great deal of thought, and my mind is made up so don’t try to change it. The engagement is off. Please don’t contact me ever again. There’s no point. Just accept its over. If you call my cell, I won’t answer, nor will I respond to e-mails. I think a clean break is the kindest way.



To know more about their story Click here ➜

“ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review” 


  1. Lovely review

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  2. laynemacadam says:

    I’m so happy you enjoyed my book! Thank you for the review!

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