Reviewed “RED-A Love Story” (RED 1) by NICOLE COLLET !!!

Book Releases 14,February,2016

“Red is the first color to appear in the spectrum of visible light, that is to say, its the first color we discern amongst all others. The tint of life and death. Cave men used it in their rupestral paintings to portray the hunt (the death of the prey that supports life), as well as to worship the gods. The red color had a sacred quality associated with the enigma of existence. Today it represents love and passion. It equally represents hate and suffering”


RED – A Love Story by Nicole Collet is a tale of forbidden love with an interesting interpretation of life events with ingenuity of using Sartre quotes. I really don’t know if I can review it properly, it has so many emotional elements. This is not your typical romance book; it is intellectual, intense, honest, passionate and pure. This kind of depth isn’t often found and it may not be for everyone to understand. I wanted to give it 3.5, but I am giving it 4 STARS !! for a well written plot.

It is a story of a young girl Marisa Constant aka Mari whose life changes when she meets her new literature professor Marco Aurélio Fares aka Marco. She gets fascinated with Marco’s grace and intelligence. Their mutual fondness of literature brings them closer and that is when a special bond is created between them. The relationship blooms passionately and watchfully avoiding the public eye. Marco has his own past, having gone through a nasty divorce he is still struggling with the scarred memories. Being with Marisa brings him peace. 

After losing her father couple of months ago, Marisa is struggling with a strained relationship with her mother. Knowing that their relationship will add fuel to the fire, Marco decides to break up with Marisa to salvage her relationship with her mother without giving her appropriate reason. 

Months pass by and they both struggle with the loss of love they suffered. Marisa gets in therapy and Marco tries to move on. Fate brings them together once again, when they both are trying to make a fresh start. Marisa needs answers, which Marco is not willing to provide and denies her once again, refusing to acknowledge how empty his life has been without her.

Will Marco forfeit his demons and not let his past cloud his present ? 

Find out about their story !! Read RED-A love story !!!

“ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.”




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