Title: Falling for Ken

Author: Lauren Giordano

Release Date: November 13, 2015

Publisher:  Harvest Moon Press


Falling for Ken teaser-1


Contractor Kendall Adams is going broke. The guy who could save her has just tumbled into the project. To avoid getting sued and maybe sweet-talk him into paying, she’ll do– just about anything. 

With no family to sign him out of the hospital, injured executive Harrison Traynor’s choices are an indefinite stay or risking being ‘nursed’ by the angry beauty he’s on the verge of bankrupting. But falling for Kendall was never in the blueprint. 

Flings with sexy enemies never lead to happily ever after. And the anti-prom queen never ends up with the football stud. Will Kendall risk her heart when loving Harry was never in the specs? 

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FALLING FOR KEN by Lauren Giordano is the first book I have read in the BLUEPRINT TO LOVE series, despite it being the second book. It can be read as a Stand-alone. I enjoyed this book and its full of surprises. It is heart-warming, innocent, romantic and passionate with enough mystery to keep you on your toes. On the whole, a complete dramatic entertainer, which had me hooked onto it the entire time. It was well written and executed. 4 Lurch & Wink STARS !!!!!

Kendall Adams aka Ken aka Kenny owns Adams & Rey Contracting Company, along with her step brother Lance (whom I wanted to smack repeatedly), passed onto her by her father. Kenny is a sweet, hardworking and a very intelligent woman with a double major in both Engineering and Music. She is confident when it comes to handling men at construction, yet so self conscious when it comes to her personal life. She is the driving force of the company, unlike her step brother, who is useless and a swindler. Kenny’s company is suffering from serious financial loss and it is on the verge of bankruptcy. Only person who can make or break her company is Harrison Traynor aka Harry aka CFO Speciality Constructions.

Harrison Traynor is a dream come true with emerald eyes and a sinful body. He has a blueprint ready for his life, and nothing deviates him from his master plan, until the day he met Ken. At the construction site, he gets caught in a mishap. To avoid the guilt and getting sued by his company Kendal takes him to the hospital. Harrison guilt talks her into getting him released from the hospital and somehow they end up at the Kendal’s place. Kendal takes care of him and as the days pass by Harry realises how kind, beautiful and talented Kendal is. They start to form a bond as they get to know each other, both of them had a lonely childhood and were battling the same demons and his blueprint for life feels hollow.

But Harrison has a decision to make and they cannot avoid the inevitable. They are suppressing their desire for each other in order to not get hurt. Harry volunteers to check her company records and they both visit her office and get caught in the fire. Harry rescues her safely and they go back home. She is devastated and wants to forget everything even if its just for one night. That night their desire overcome everything and they spend the night in throes of passion. 

When reality hits back, Kendal refuses to acknowledge the pull between them.

Meanwhile Harrison is hell bent on showing her the love he has for her and discovers an embezzlement happening in her company and a threat to her life, which she is unaware of. Strong-headed Kendal refuses to take help from Harrison, so he formulates a plan to rescue her and to save her company without confiding it to her. But its not that easy and stakes are higher than ever !!

What will happen when Kendal Discovers the truth ?

Will she survive the Betrayal she got from her own ?

Will she be able to Trust again ?

Will Harrison be able to Save her after all ?

There are so many twists and turns to keep you hooked onto the story. Hope you enjoy this amazing story as much as I did. 


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About the Author:

Lauren Giordano writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Her next series, Blueprint to Love, will start in September, 2015 with the first book, Trusting Jake. When not writing, she is usually burning something in the kitchen. A book lover of all genres, Lauren is always searching for her next great read. She lives in the mid-Atlantic with her husband, daughters and two vacationing cats who never seem to leave.

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