Tentative Release Date – December 14, 2015

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Hidden Truth by J Kahele !! I was so excited to read this book after reading Violet Chain. I am not a fan of cliffhangers and needed this story like yesterday. What a twisted story it was. I really felt bad for what Violet had to go through and Chains turmoil. His vulnerability was heart melting, I wanted to just go make things right for him, and when I couldn’t I felt like wringing somebody’s neck literally. I loved how David & Callie were great friends to Chain & Violet, and the way it was portrayed by the author. I cant believe I finished this book overnight, it was such a page turner. Chemistry between Chain & Violet was off the charts !!!! 

After what happened with Violet, she tries to piece her life back together with Chain. That incident traumatised her and Chain being the loving boyfriend he was, supported her and dealt with it very patiently. Slowly and gradually they were trying to get past it. As the relationship progresses, Chain realises how much deeper his love for Violet is and how badly he wanted to make her his. He meets her family, which he was very skeptical about and does everything to please her. He buys her an engagement ring and every time he tries to propose her, she refuses asking for more time and more solidity in their relationship. Chain’s past is haunting him and he refuses to acknowledge it. Violet has a nagging feeling that Chain is hiding something, but every time she confronts him, he refuses. So she decides to dig herself, but doesn’t get any substantial information. Meanwhile Violet gets busy with her work, as her new clientele demanded a lot of her time and Chain is dealing with his architectural issues with his new mall. Everything was going well for them and one morning she accepts Chain’s proposal and gets engaged. 

But that morning everything changes !!!!!

Will Chain’s past rip them apart forever ?

*ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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