“He needed her. She needed him. Like this. Hard. Often. Victims to an unnerving Passion.”


Vice by Author Rosanna Leo is a heart warming story of Kate Callender and Liam Doyle. The story is based on a fact, “There is always two sides to a coin and sometimes its too early to pass a judgement.” The story has good humour and is intensely passionate with flaming hot attraction between Kate & Liam. Its highly addictive and will leave you wanting more. 

Kate Callender is a part time singer along with a volunteer at the new horizons group, which helps families of gambling addicts. Been burned by her father time and again who is also a gambling addict, she is empathetic towards the innocent victims of gambling. Liam Doyle is a Young Casino Czar. He is the sensation at the strip and there is a lot more than meets the eye to him. Liam notices Kate, when she starts protesting at the opening of his newest casino VICE. The spark in her excites him, making him intensely inquisitive about her. But Kate is adamant on hating him, until one day she witness a personal moment, where Liam is no more a cold hearted devil. 

The attraction between them is bizarre and its growing leaps and bounds. When a tragedy hits Kate, Liam protects her and she had no other choice but to move to Vice with him. The outside world seems to blur and they live in their own bubble. Kate realises that Liam has more to him than he leads on, but everytime she tries to know more he dodges her by luring her into bed with him. Both had been burned in the past and they were trying to find solace in each other.

“She made him soar. She made him despair. She made him dare to love.”

Everything was perfect yet it felt wrong. The addiction they had for each other felt overwhelming. 

Will Kate forget her apprehensions ? 

Was their affair doomed from the start ?

Read their story to know more ➜



  1. Rosanna Leo says:

    Thanks so much for this terrific review. I appreciate you reading and am glad you enjoyed Vice.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for giving me this beautiful story !


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