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“My Sweet Demise by Shana Vanterpool.” Congratulations on a great debut story !! I was so much looking forward to it after reading the synopsis. It caught my attention at the heroine being the “Damsel In Distress”and OHHHHH how I love such stories. “A Roller coaster ride, I didn’t want to get off from.” This book is fun, sexy, intense and a hot mess; with both the characters fighting the attraction towards each other and dealing with their own demons. I give it “5 SEXY ROOMMATE STARS” !!!! Recommended to all the readers who loves crazy, steamy drama. It had me hooked, till the very last page. I will keep this review short, as I don’t intend on giving away a lot about the story. 

Raina O’Connor aka Rain is a beautiful Damsel In Distress. After getting abandoned by her parents (A very alcoholic father and an ignorant mother) at a very young age, all Raina has in her life is her elder sister who is away for art school. When her roommate kicked her out of the apartment claiming her to be a misfit, she had no other choice but to crash with Kent Nicholson. 

Kent Nicholson is our Dark Prince Charming (SEXY, ARROGANT & A MAN-WHORE) to Rain’s rescue but he has a condition. She cannot fall for him and she will be his “Wing-man” in bagging his conquests. Kent has his own scars and he will stop at nothing. Naive and innocent Raina with trust issues vowed to never be with any man, yet she cannot stop thinking about Kent. Kent, with his own trust issues, cannot keep himself away from her. They are rather perfect for each other, he awakens her and she makes him want to be a better person.

Will they be able to trust each other with their scarred pasts ?

But the story doesn’t end here, its much more than getting together. My Sweet Demise is full of surprises that will keep you on yours toes !!! 

Read the full story to enjoy this Roller Coaster Ride➜  MY SWEET DEMISE by SHANA VANTERPOOL !! 


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