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“Stripped Bare by Rebecca Moon” is a stand-alone novella and the first book in “The Warnum – Bailiff Series.” Many thanks to the Author Rebecca Moon for providing me with the free digital copy to review. I give this book 4 stars. “Stripped Bare” is a sweet love story filled with beauty, heartache and forgiveness. There are a lot of twists & turns in the story which makes it a page turner. The review is short in order to not give away a lot about the story.

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Sally Parker at the age of 25 is not what she had intended to be at this time in her life. Gone is the smart, vibrant, talented & ambitious girl. After getting scarred by her Ex-Scumbag-Boyfriend Shane, Sally not only lost her spirit but her strength too in that relationship. She had been fragile and closed off for years, but a flicker of hope blooms in her heart, when she meets Damien Johnson. 

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Damien Johnson is a senior training officer for one of the elite teams in Navy. “A Stud muffin with brains.” Meeting Sally after years, didn’t change the yearning he had from their former years of knowing each other. Seeing her this vulnerable, broke his heart and he vowed to protect, cherish and heal her wounded heart. 

In a short period of time, their relationship bloomed and Sally’s faith in herself recurred. She was becoming her former self, when one day Damien’s unrevealed past knocked at their present !!!

Will Sally’s wounded heart heal again ? Will Damien get Sally back ever ?

To know their story of acceptance and forgiveness Click➜






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