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If you haven’t read any of Lauren Blakely books, then I am here to tell you, stop everything and pick one !! This one barged its way up the waiting list and I couldn’t put it down. “BIG ROCK by LAUREN BLAKELY”  !!!! Hands down one of the best books. She had me at the prologue and the cover page. OMG OMG *drooling* !! The book was Scintillating, Sultry, Gooey, Cutesy, Extravagant and so much more. Its solely the protagonist Spencer’s POV, which makes it my favourite. I haven’t laughed this much and swooned over the characters in a while. 

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Everything was going smoothly for Spencer in life, great family, perfect upbringing, ivy league education, a kick-ass social status, line of girls begging for his attention (AHEM AHEM Size Matters !!!!) and his dream business to own Bars across the city with his best friend Charlotte. Until one day his big mouth got him in trouble !! 

The story leading to trouble is: His father is a die heart Romantic, who wants to spend the rest of his life travelling with the wife i.e Spencer’s Mom and for that he plans on selling his chain of Jewellery Stores. When he found a potential buyer, a conservative business man Mr Offerman , he asked Spencer to zip it and behave in front of him. To help his father, Spencer may have exaggerated the goody two shoes act and he may have slipped up something about getting engaged to his best friend Charlotte.

Convincing Charlotte wasn’t easy, but she agrees to play along. Charlotte is…. umm lets just hear Spencer on this one !!

“Charlotte is pretty much a goddess of the highest order. First, she has wavy, blonde hair, paired with deep brown eyes. Most blondes have blue eyes, so Charlotte gets major points for the killer reverse combo that just slams you with unexpected and absolute hotness. She possesses a fantastic dry sense of humour. Plus, she’s whip smart. She is a softie and loves animals.”

In keeping up the charade of fake engagement, a kiss changes everything !!

Will this “Fake Engagement” turn into a genuine “Love Story”?

Read this “Witty, Dirty & Romantic” novella to know Spencer’s saga ➜  

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