“The day I fell in love with you was the first day you found yourself. You weren’t even mine yet.”

fuck love3

Mother of all holy fucks !!! Exactly what I felt when I was reading the book. This is not your regular girl meets boy story, this is our Beige Bitch’s story. It is beyond a love story. Flawlessly written with the beautifully developed characters and a unique plot. Ever had a dream change your life forever ?? 

Fuck love is the story of soon to be a college graduate “HELENA CONWAY”. Life was very simple and planned for her along with her best-friend / sister Della. Until she had a dream one day… A dream of the future… A dream that felt like a reality… A dream where she was married to her best friend’s boyfriend “KIK ISLEY”… A dream that invaded her world… A dream that fucked her life !!  “I want to fall asleep again to see if i can visit Helena and Kit’s Pottery Barn house in Port Townsend, Washington.”

Helena is a girl next door with a smart mouth. A beige bitch and a casual top knot kind of girl. Art was not in her plan. She was a math girl, wanting to be an accountant. The dream compelled her to change her “Course of Life”. Helena started noticing Kik like never before, they clicked in a very different way. He understood her, unlike others. “I don’t have a good reason, except something about me responds to something about you.” She was different, caring and compassionate. Soon they got closer and started having their own secrets. It was confusing what they had for each other, but it was getting stronger. Not wanting to break Della’s heart, to find herself and to know Kik more, Helena moves to Kik’s hometown Port Townsend, Washington. “ I’m okay with just being near you for now.”

                                 They were away, yet he was closer to her. Over the time Della and Kik’s relationship got sour and they took a break. Kik comes back to his hometown, wanting to know Helena. She is skeptical at first, but she gives in. Their time together felt magical. But the spell broke one day, when Della called Kik to tell him, she was pregnant !! Wanting to do right by his unborn child, Kik leaves Helena once again. 

“We had something, Helena. In another life, it would have been a beautiful something.”

“The best kind of love is the love that isn’t suppose to happen.”

Photo 18-01-16, 6 49 52 PM

“Are they fated for the kind of love that isn’t suppose to happen ?”

Read #FuckLove to know their story !!





  1. Jenny Dsario says:

    Thank you for the well versed reviewed putting it in a nutshell. Love the review and so looking forward to reading this book now!!!


  2. Shailene Dames says:

    Thanks for sharing :))

    Liked by 1 person

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