You know when you pick up a book and are like, “oh, I see where this is going”? Well…not gonna happen with this one !! 


Sublime Agony by Kora Anderson was unexpectedly good!!!  The story was intense, tragic, passionate and it drowns you in surprisingly unseen emotions.

The story opens up in the present time where Annalise Cass is a stripper at one of the elite strip clubs trying to make her ends meet for her Med School at Yale. Little does she know how her world will collide with Kason Wright, who is a young billionaire and owns half the city. (Unsuprisingly he also happens to own Mirage, where Annalise works) Intrigued by this raven haired, green eyed beauty, Kason propositions a fiery dom/sub arrangement and agrees to pay for her med school. 

It was meant to be strictly physical, as both of them have scarred pasts. Yet they slowly unfold their pasts and heal in each others shadow. The story also makes you travel in time, to give you the glimpse of Annalise talented, beautiful yet agonising past that had made her shift her life to another continent to start afresh. 

In parallel beautifully intwined is Kason’s story in brief, leaving you with subtle cues of his bruised life. 


What will happen, when the past collides with the present ! Will they survive this blast from the past ?

To know their story, Grab your copy now ! 



“ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.”

Warning : The cliffhanger at the end will leave you squirming !!!

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