REVIEW “Love Struck by Laurelin McGee”

Book Releases : 2, February, 2016
 4.5 LoveCoda STARS !!
Love Struck Teaser 1

Love Struck by Laurelin McGee !! What a beautifully written and emotionally effusive love story. I loved the unpredictability of the story and how the characters were strongly developed. The chemistry between Lacy and Eli was beautiful (despite all their denials, they were violently attracted to each other). On the whole a very exciting plot, that had me hooked right till the end.

Love Struck is the story of young Lacy Dawson who is facing a major case of writer’s block. Lacy is a music writer/ singer/ player who is very talented, passionate and has had a successful music album under her belt. Lucy was going very strong until one day her world shattered, when her longtime lover/ fiancé committed suicide. It left her hollow to the extent to which, she couldn’t write again. 

To cope up with the traumatising incident and lack of a creative flow, she joins an online forum exclusively for musical artists under the name LoveCoda for inspiration. The forum is high on anonymity and helps keeping the place purely professional. Soon LoveCoda finds solace in words of Folx aka Eli and they become good friends. They talk everyday and Folx tries to help LoveCoda with her block. Their late night conversation turns into flirting and they decide to meet after three months and give a chance to their blooming chemistry.

Meanwhile Lacy’s friend works miracles and gets her into the same music & band tour as Eli. As they don’t know each other’s true identity, they are unaware of being on the same tour. Lacy is attracted towards Eli. After resisting the temptation for awhile, they both give into each others fatal attraction.

Love Struck Teaser 4

They both should walk away, but nothing matters when they are in each other’s arms. With a misunderstanding and uncertain feelings, both Lacy and Eli had to part ways. 

What will happen when the truth comes out ?

Will Eli fight for Lacy OR Will he sacrifice again ?

Read this fun, sassy and captive read to know their story !

“ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.”

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