REVIEWED : Taking Mine by Rachel Schneider !!


taking mine

Congratulations Rachel Schneider on a fantastic debut novel Taking Mine. A brilliantly written romantic thriller, that will keep you on your toes. Its steamy, its dramatic and the plot twist will leave your mouth agape. I enjoyed this story a lot. The characters were well developed and the mystery prevailed throughout the story. On the whole a great entertainer. I will keep the review short in order to not give away a lot about the story. 

“Nothing I have ever tried has given me the thrill like taking something that isn’t mine does.”    

In Taking Mine we meet Lilly who is a firecracker with acerbic wit. She is smart, intelligent and most importantly she is a hustler. As a family, Lilly only has an elder brother Kip. At a very young age, when life dealt them with poor cards, Kip raised her and gave her a good education so she could make a bright future. When she loses her Scholarship at the grad school, Lilly doesn’t tell Kip about it to avoid causing him any disappointment. She had no other choice, but to resort to her old ways of making money in order to support herself. 

Amidst her shenanigans, she comes across Justin. A sexy, mysterious stranger who had her wound tight with sexual tension and excitement. As much as Justin tries to keep his distance, he cannot stay away from Lilly. He has a secret, which Lilly cannot know. Soon they both are together,  its school or its work. Their relationship blooms and so does the secrets between them. 

Everything has a cost, you just don’t know it yet !!!

Its all going to blow up in their faces and secrets will be revealed !!!

See what this explosion will cause? 


Read Taking Mine by Rachel Schneider !!

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