REVIEWED : SET THE PACE (The Detroit Love Duet #1) by KIM KARR !!


In life there comes a time, when you want everybody to experience what you just did, which makes it impossible for you to shut up about it. The very same thing happened to me when I started reading the ARC of “SET THE PACE by Kim Karr “ I don’t have enough words to express the adrenaline rush I felt while reading this book. The characters, the story line, the build up is so dramatic and powerful, it sucks you right in. I couldn’t decide if I should read it fast or slow because I didn’t want the story to end and also I wanted to unveil the suspense. I am totally overwhelmed. To say that, I am in love with the book is an understatement. Knowing there is more to this story, I am totally dying here. I can bet my newest gucci, that once you start this story, you cannot put it down. This is one of those blockbuster stories that you should never miss. I don’t think giving it 5/5 stars is enough.  


Set the Pace is the story of Jasper Storm aka JJ and Charlotte Lane aka Charlie where Jasper is determined to change THE MOTOWN scene and Charlotte is trying to unearth her tarnished family name.

PAST : JJ and Charlie were inseparable as kids. JJ was her protector, when her parents could not provide her affection and attention that a daughter deserves. Little did they know that this bond, so innocent will be tarnished by the cruelty of the world. 

A MASIVE EXPLOSION at LANESWORTH AUTOMOTIVE PARTS PLANT changes their life forever and ripped them apart. 

PRESENT : Jasper Storm aka JJ turned his life around. With his friends, he accomplished his dream and became the white knight of the city. He is sexy, he is successful and he is a player who drives fast and fucks even faster. 

Charlotte Lane aka Charlie moves back to Detroit after years, to work on a famous blog The Detroit Scene despite her protests to cover Jasper’s company event. 

Years and years passed by, but Jasper couldn’t forget Charlie, and Charlotte couldn’t face JJ because of her sudden disappearance when they were children. 

One incident brought them together ! Sparks are flying and the tension between them is high. 

Will they cross the line of their innocent bond ?

Will Charlotte be able to protect Jasper from mysterious tragedies and Unravel the truth to clear her family name ? 

Read this eclectic mix of Passionate Romance and Mystery Thriller to know what happens next ! SET THE PACE by KIM KARR ! (Pre- order link)  

RATING : zzcvvczcxv.gif~c200zzcvvczcxv.gif~c200zzcvvczcxv.gif~c200zzcvvczcxv.gif~c200zzcvvczcxv.gif~c200 

“ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.”

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