REVIEWED : FAME (Not Like Movies #1)by Lauren K McKellar

4 Heart Warming Stars !!!

Fame by Lauren K McKellar is an amazing love story with a lot of drama and heart melting moments. Its captivating and enchanting for the readers. What I like about the book was, it wasn’t just centred on Madison and Tate specifically and their individual relationships with other people were nicely put. I also loved the Janie’s character and her sassy attitude. 


Madison Winter’s Life is perfect and to be envious of. She has a perfect fiancé MIKE who is also her high school sweetheart and she is perfectly climbing the professional ladder at her dream job. Until one day she loses it all. After getting devastated by the news of getting promotion in the sister magazine instead of high fashion magazine LOLA (which was her dream), she goes to her fiancé to find some solace, only to discover him cheating on her with a random girl he works with. Her perfect life is shattered and she feels hopelessly lost. After her friend Courtney insists her to take a break and sort her life, she decides to take her up on the yoga retreat being offered to her in Bali. After all she had nothing left to lose. 

Tate Masters is the Hollywood’s rising star. He is the golden boy and the doting boyfriend to a Hollywood beauty Mikalea. Until one day a blast from the past tarnished his golden boy image. Fame can be powerful but it also has its side effects. Overnight all the love and adoration was replaced with the hatred. Tate has a pregnant sister Janie to take care of, so he cannot lose this BlockBuster movie he is working on. A shoot for this blockbuster movie takes him to Bali. 

As fate would have it, one evening at the bar in Bali, Tate stumbles into Madison’s life. The attraction between them is instant, sexual tension and excitement is off the charts. One drunk encounter of making out and they were forever etched into each others lives. 

Tate has a secret he is guarding and Madison is trying to find herself. Under the disguise, their relationship blooms and they both let their guards down.

But nothing is ever perfect !!! The secret Tate’s guarding, is now in the public eye and his career is threatened and his sister’s future at stake ! Tate lashes out at Madison feeling betrayed and refuses to listen. Disheartened Madison goes back to Australia after hearing about a personal tragedy !!!!!

Will the Distance & Misunderstandings Rip Them Apart Forever ?


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