REVIEWED : “Slip Of The Tongue by Jessica Hawkins”


Slip of tongue by Jessica Hawkins !! When I read the blurb and started reading the ARC graciously provided by the author, I really had something else in my mind about the plot. Yes I am kind of presumptuous about the stories, so I thought it was the same very predictable forbidden love story, but I got a nice surprise as the book progressed. Somewhere in between it gets a bit frustrating, but trust me you want to read this one. This book was packed with so many emotions: it had a depth, a lot of temptation, some sizzling moments, a bit of agony, and a whole lot of nostalgia. On the whole it was a great story and I really like how it ends. 

Sadie Hunt is a beautiful young woman who married the love of her life Nathan Hunt. She isn’t perfect, some might think she is a little too much into her own world, but hey thats how Nathan always loved her. He was a perfect doting boyfriend who worshipped the ground she walked on and spoiled her with his endless adoration. Until one day it stopped. Nathan just started withdrawing and became distant. Sadie tried to salvage the relationship, but his own hurt was bigger and things were changing. There were secrets in their marriage, but when you love, there shouldn’t be any. Theirs were growing and ripping them apart. 


It didn’t help much when across the hall moved a very handsome and sexy Finn Cohen. He has a different view of life. Every day the attention she lacked in her marriage was replaced by the attention she got from Finn. While the love in her marriage diminished, the passion amongst Sadie and Finn burned brighter. 


Sadie wants to save her marriage but Nathan isn’t helping much.

Where one man is ignorant, other is ready to give up everything for her !!!

Who will she choose ?

Read SLIP OF THE TONGUE by JESSICA HAWKINS to know their beautiful story !

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