REVIEWED : “Falling Completely (Starling Falls #1) by Aidan Willows”

Falling Completely by Aidan Willows is a very cute romantic story. It was light hearted and a fun read with a great sense of humour. It was captivating and heart wrenching at the same time. I enjoyed the banter between Maliya and Caleb a lot. The relationship between all the Jameson siblings and Abbott sisters was heart warming and highly entertaining. I loved how the relationships were nurtured in the book. Apart from this it was a sappy, passionate and a steamy love affair. 

At the very young age of 18, after losing both the parents Maliya May Abbott had grown up faster for her age, as she had a little sister to take care of. Emotionally she is closed off, but she loves her sister dearly and would do anything for her. She is beautiful, smart, intelligent and the bold one of the Abbott Sisters. Maliya is a nurse and wants to study to be a doctor to follow her parents path in life, where Annika is a pastry chef. When Annika discovers that their only relative Aunt Trudy, isn’t keeping well ; she decides to move to Sterling Falls to help her with her Bakery. Upon insistence Maliya had no other choice but to follow her baby sister across the country. 

Caleb Jameson is the second eldest brother amongst the six Jameson siblings. Having an acute alcoholic mother who was never present, Caleb had a scarred childhood. Yet he is grown up to be a beautiful, caring young man who was raised by his loving aunt and uncle. They provided Jameson sibling a warm and affectionate household and raised them beautifully. 


Caleb is an enthusiastic fire fighter professionally. He is a warm and affectionate person who doesn’t shy away from expressing his feeling. Maliya and Caleb are extreme opposites, but the attraction and fire between them can burn hotter than sun. When Caleb got hit by a car to save a little boy, Maliya comes to his rescue after witnessing the whole incident. In his state of unconsciousness Caleb kisses Maliya and finds his “ANGEL SOULMATE”. 

Over the time Maliya and Caleb grows closer to each other, despite Maliya is adamant on not having any kind of relationship with him. Maliya has a secret she is guarding and tries to keep her distance. Caleb is ready to tear off all her walls of inhibition. 

Sterling Falls is not Maliya’s destiny but a part of her journey, as she has to return back to London to follow her parents path. 

What secret is Maliya guarding ?

Will she let go of her one true love to avoid any repercussions and heart ache ?

Read Falling Completely by Aidan wIllows to know their destiny !

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