BOOK REVIEWED : The Bellator Saga by Cecilia London !!



THE BELLATOR SAGA : THE FIRST TRILOGY by Cecilia London !! This trilogy is hands down one of the best I have ever read. I was blown away with the story. The plot is sheer excellence and its execution is brilliant. The pattern focuses on the past and the present keeping you in synchronisation with the story. The characters and story gradually develops in all three books, creating a mystery that leaves you fixated and it also connects you immensely well with all the characters. Its a concoction of emotions, love, fear, gut wrenching pain, passion, humour, strength and so much more. Its so graphically detailed that certain parts of the story gave me chills. Yet another aspect of my fixation to Cecilia’s penmanship. The review will be brief, so as to maintain the thrill of the story and it should be read in a particular order:



Meet Caroline Gerard !! A rising Democratic Star also knows as America’s Political Sweetheart. She is beautiful, humble beyond recognition, compassionate and a woman with high moral values. Caroline’s life turns upside down when her beloved husband Nicholas Robert Baumann (Nicky) passed away in a car accident leaving her and her two daughters Marguerite and Sophie behind. Nicky’s loss affected Caroline deeply and she became bitter and distant. 


Jack McIntyre is A Millionaire !! A Republican !! A Playboy !! A Silver Fox !! An Opportunist living a life with no strings attached.



Dissident is the first book in The Bellator Saga Trilogy. This book is the syncronisation of past and present. 

PAST: The budding romance in Caroline’s and Jack’s relationship is focused. Its about how they met and how their relationship changed from friends to lovers. It highlights all of Caroline’s relationships with other characters i.e. Tom, Christy, Jen, Kathleen, her daughters Marguerite and Sophie. Caroline has profound affection for Jack and yet she is hesitant to act upon her feelings. She is apprehensive as something is nagging in the back of her mind and another loss is not something she can survive. Jack is deeply in love with Caroline, but he has a secret, he is guarding.

What happens when the secret is revealed ? Will Caroline give up on Jack just as he suspected ? Will there be second chances ?

PRESENT : In the present Caroline has been in the hospital after getting a rather violent beating from the cadre of soldiers who had captured her. She is in a hospital under the care of Dr. William Livingston who is a lead medical officer and Dr Maureen Savage. They are trying to do their best to protect her from the the officials. But people can’t be trusted and these officials wont stop. People will lose their lives and escaping is near impossible. 

Can Dr Maureen and Caroline escape with the traitors around everywhere ? 

Find out what happened to them. Read Dissident to know Caroline’s fate!!


Conscience is the second book in The Bellator Saga Trilogy. A continuation to Dissident. After reading the Dissident I needed this book like I needed my next breath. The story consumed me yet again. 

A Failed Escape Plan. The torture so unbearable it will shake your soul !

When the escape plan fails and Caroline is captured yet again by the officials, her worst nightmare is going to come true. These people are violent beyond imagination and will do anything to get the information they want. Their torture knows no bounds and they will break her physically and mentally if they have to. Caroline’s last ray of hope is that Jack will find her.

But as time elapses, the degree of torture increases and her strength to bear diminishes. Her loved ones are losing their lives and there is nothing Caroline can do. She dreams about the past, about what she had in her life, her family, her friends, the support and love she had and how she never thought, that life will change so drastically. A journey of Caroline’s and Jack’s married life and their endless support for each other in their political career is highlighted along with. 

Will Caroline survive the torture so immense Or will she give up her life ? 

Read The Conscience to know Caroline’s journey in the Cellblock 5 !



A pearl necklace on black silk macro

Sojourn is the third book in The Bellator Saga Trilogy and the continuation of Conscience. 

When Gabe and Jones working in the morgue at The Feds, successfully rescue Caroline with the help of Crunch at The Safe House, their only motive is the revival of Caroline and to hatch an escape plan to join the other rebels. The recovery is slow but they manage to heal her best to their ability as they are no doctors. Caroline is still haunted by the torture inflicted upon her by The Feds. A new identity is given to her and all of them try their best to make Caroline stronger physically. They train her with physical defense techniques and prepare her over the time to adapt her new self. To make herself stronger she tries to block the memories of her loved ones but its keeps derailing her train of thoughts. 

Their Journey from Washington D.C. to California was tumultuous and the threat of being caught by The Feds was looming on their heads. One wrong move and their freedom would be in jeopardy and lives at stake. 

Will they reach the end of their journey OR Will they meet a tragic dead end ?

Read this thrilling page turner The Sojourn to know what happens next ! 




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