Book Reviewed : Locked Box by Eve Dangerfield !!


“I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.”

Locked Box by Eve Dangerfield is a light hearted, fun and sexy read. It was erotic !! HOLY HOTNESS and ticked all the right boxes for me. There wasn’t much drama in the story but the attraction between Julia Bennett and Max Connor was crackling and spontaneous. The banter between the two was humorous. On the whole the book is a fun entertainer.

What happens when you are locked in a room for several hours with the man who is forbidden and the man you have lusted after insatiably !!


JULIA BENNETT is known as Brenthill Police Station’s IT person or “Computer girl”. For as long as Julia had worked at the Police Station she had been a shy girl keeping mostly to herself. She is also a video game developer, hoping to make it big with her latest project she is working on with her friend Tiffany.

Photo 04-03-16, 9 57 51 AM 

Max Connor is the Senior Constable at the Brenthill Police Station or you can call him the best looking cop in the world. Max has been struggling to piece his life back together and is in the middle of a separation from his wife Bonnie. 

One Night as fate would have it, Julia gets locked in the Evidence Room working on the behalf on another officer. To her rescue came a very handsome Max Connor whom she had a crush on for years. Accidentally both of them get stuck in that room with barely anyone around to free them and with no resources. To diffuse the sizzling attraction between them they try to divert their minds by playing a game and get wasted. The plan backfires as the chemistry  between them is rather hot to be ignored. It was just suppose to be a one time romp, but they cant stop. This cannot happen again even thou Max can never find this connection with anyone else ever and he is adamant about it. And its not the first time that Max abandoned Julia. Something happened between them few years back and there is an unspoken rule about it to not discuss that encounter. 

Now after all these years why is Max so adamant on ignoring the fire they both have when he can have her ?

Will Julia forgive Max for hurting her again after so many years ?

Whats is the secret in the Julia’s game, that max cannot know about ?

Read this light hearted story to know their destiny ! 


  1. needepicreads says:

    Loved this book!

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