BOOK REVIEWED : Destroy Me by Shana Vanterpool !!!

5 STARS !!!

And she did it once again, yet another gripping story from the very talented Shana Vanterpool. Destroy Me is a fascinating story about burning attraction, painful memories, toxic relationships, emotional baggage that utterly pulled my heartstrings. It was dark, yet it was beautiful. Story is a definite page turner. It will pleasantly shock when you are least expecting it. And OHHHH My Holy Hotness this Green Eyed MONSTER !!!!! I want my own Bach Bachmen !!!!! He is an asshole ?YESSSS !!!!!! But his vulnerability gripped my heart and I was bawling like a baby. At times like this, I run short of words to describe how beautifully nurtured, the story is. 


Harley Evans is the girl next door. She is kind, smart, beautiful with her heart on her sleeve. Harley doesn’t play games and she doesn’t trust easily and has a heart of gold. After losing her father, who was in the Army, Harley knew never ever will she settle for the same choices. Harley fell for Dylan. Their relationship was smooth and beautiful, until one day Harley found out that Dylan enlisted in Army without telling her and knowingly what it will do to her. All the time they were together, it was all a lie. Harley worlds comes crashing down once again. 

Bach Bachmen is Dylan’s best friend. He is sexy, honest and unapologetic asshole and he owns it. Life is a blur for Bach. PARTY, DRUGS, WOMEN & REPEAT !! When Bach gets to know that Dylan has enlisted in Army without telling him, something in him stirred. Bach and Dylan did everything together, but Dylan was a changed man ever since he came back from jail last summer. Bach was all alone. Dylan asked one thing from Bach before going and that was to take care of Harley.

Harley hated Bach ! But with time Bach picks up the broken pieces of Harley and tries to heal her wounds. They bond spontaneously and the attraction between them is almost combustible. But Bach has demons and he doesn’t want to taint Harley with his past. He keeps pushing her, yet when he breaks down, Harley is always there to pick up the broken pieces of him. They have this constant push and pull, until one day Bach breaks her brutally by lying to her. 

The pain is unbearable but Harley cannot let, yet another man use her and break her heart again. But only Harley can save Bach even from himself. 

Sometimes the ones that make us hurt make us hurt because we let them. Sometimes they make us hurt because we can’t stop them. And other times they make us hurt because we want them to. 

Will Bach let his demons win and push Harley away forever ? Has he gone too far this time ?

Will he be able to survive his demons and be a better person ?

Will back give up on Harley to keep his promise to Dylan ? 

To know their twisted fate Read DESTROY ME by SHANA VANTERPOOL !



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