BOOK REVIEWED : Lines We Forget by J.E. Warren !!


Lines We Forget by J.E Warren is a very enjoyable read. Its a sweet love story which is very well written and the innocence will tug at your heartstrings. Its not complicated, yet its engaging. Its written in a time-lapse fashion, that will reveal the strength and weaknesses of their relationships over the time. I really like the simplicity of the story and it felt realistic and not some obnoxious fantasy. A very cute, romantic and fascinating tale of innocent love.

Charlie Stone is a young musician waiting to be discovered. He is talented, handsome, A VERY BRITISH GUY (need I say more) *drooooling* !!! He comes from an obnoxiously rich family but has no desire to pretend or continue the snobbish legacy. His dream is music and thats what he wants to pursue, even if it means living on his own without Stone family’s resources. He is a romantic and waiting on his forever who wants him for his love and not for his pretentious family wealth. Its just another day for him playing around the corner, when his eye catches this beautiful girl across the road with brown eyes that caught his breath and she might be his forever. Wanting to get her attention, he plays the only song that might get her attention. 

As fate would have it, Anna Garret (A very young, beautiful, feisty woman, who is a PR in a swanky firm, but resents the pretentiousness) catches the lyrics and despite her apprehension goes to the handsome musician singing his heart out. 

A mere gesture of appraisal turns into a full blown conversation and over the time their friendship blooms. With the series of dates, their relationship gets stronger and their love for each other is apparent. They are one of those couple who looks at each other with adorning eyes and always in love. But when the reality kicks them hard, their new found love hits a rocky road. Things are getting complicated and emotions are haywire. A long distance is not what they can survive, yet the love is too deep. 

Will there be second chances ?

Will their innocent love get squashed by the harsh realities of the world?

To know the fate of their innocent love, Read “Lines We Forget by J.E. Warren”

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