BOOK REVIEWED : Stiletto Secrets (Fairy Tale Bastards 1) by Bella J !!!

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Yet another beautiful series by my favourite author Bella J. Stiletto Secrets (Fairy Tale Bastards 1) is a hot contemporary romance. A modern day Cinderella with a twist. A story so dreamy you cannot put it down, loved every single word of it. It picked up the momentum right from the beginning and never once faltered. It is dreamy, steamy and magical. 

“A maid and a stripper falling for a millionaire playboy. What a cliche.”

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At the age of twenty-six, Nicholas Blake was one of the Chicago’s richest, most eligible bachelor living a wealthy and privileged life. When Nicholas’s mother passed away at a very young age, his relationship with his father turned sour and distant. He may have gained a privileged life and an empire, but lost the love of his parents. 

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After losing both the parents at a very young age, Emma Tremaine’s only family left was her younger sister. Emma had to work as a maid during the day and stripper named Cinderella by the night to provide her sister a life she deserves. Emma’s life changes when Nicholas becomes her client, who is also her employer during the day. She conceals her identity well, so Nicholas cannot find out who she is. Sparks are flying but Cinderella cannot get closer to Nicholas. Meanwhile at the house Emma and Nicholas are falling for each other. 

But something with Cinderella is holding Nicholas back. Whenever he is close to Emma, Cinderella always clouds his thoughts despite him being in love with Emma. 

Confused about his feelings, Nicholas tries to confront Cinderella about it and finds a whole new truth about her life.

Things are twisted as Nicholas’s father is hell bent on getting him force-married to Claire !!

When the truth reveals itself, their worlds will turn upside down !!

Read this beautiful love story to know Emma’s and Nicholas’s fate !!!

Stiletto Secrets by Bella J.

*ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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