BOOK REVIEWED : Phoenix by Cecilia London !!!

5 STARS !!!

OMG Cecilia London !!! You left me speechless. You did it again !!! It was nerve wrecking. My emotions were literally snowballed from happiness to sadness. One series that never failed!!! Phoenix picks up from Sojourn continuing Caroline’s journey at the rebellion base camp, bringing a tear or a smile to my face, inserting tension and suspense all at the same time. Her writing is so raw, it will tug at your heartstring. 

Phoenix is about Caroline’s and Jack’s struggle within their relationship, where Caroline is badly affected by her captivity at the Feds and the after-effects had damaged her emotionally as well as physically. She has become cold hearted and detached, where as Jack has his own demons and he will do anything to get Caroline back in his life. Meanwhile Dr Haddad is trying to help Caroline and Jack both with their exploits. 

Just when we thought things will be fine, the story takes an unpredictable turn, that will leave your mouth agape and twist your heart !!!!

Phoenix by Cecilia London

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