You know when you pick up a book and are like, “oh, I see where this is going”? Well…not gonna happen with this one !! 


Sublime Agony by Kora Anderson was unexpectedly good!!!  The story was intense, tragic, passionate and it drowns you in surprisingly unseen emotions.

The story opens up in the present time where Annalise Cass is a stripper at one of the elite strip clubs trying to make her ends meet for her Med School at Yale. Little does she know how her world will collide with Kason Wright, who is a young billionaire and owns half the city. (Unsuprisingly he also happens to own Mirage, where Annalise works) Intrigued by this raven haired, green eyed beauty, Kason propositions a fiery dom/sub arrangement and agrees to pay for her med school. 

It was meant to be strictly physical, as both of them have scarred pasts. Yet they slowly unfold their pasts and heal in each others shadow. The story also makes you travel in time, to give you the glimpse of Annalise talented, beautiful yet agonising past that had made her shift her life to another continent to start afresh. 

In parallel beautifully intwined is Kason’s story in brief, leaving you with subtle cues of his bruised life. 


What will happen, when the past collides with the present ! Will they survive this blast from the past ?

To know their story, Grab your copy now ! 



“ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.”

Warning : The cliffhanger at the end will leave you squirming !!!



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If you haven’t read any of Lauren Blakely books, then I am here to tell you, stop everything and pick one !! This one barged its way up the waiting list and I couldn’t put it down. “BIG ROCK by LAUREN BLAKELY”  !!!! Hands down one of the best books. She had me at the prologue and the cover page. OMG OMG *drooling* !! The book was Scintillating, Sultry, Gooey, Cutesy, Extravagant and so much more. Its solely the protagonist Spencer’s POV, which makes it my favourite. I haven’t laughed this much and swooned over the characters in a while. 

Photo 14-01-16, 9 17 36 PM


Everything was going smoothly for Spencer in life, great family, perfect upbringing, ivy league education, a kick-ass social status, line of girls begging for his attention (AHEM AHEM Size Matters !!!!) and his dream business to own Bars across the city with his best friend Charlotte. Until one day his big mouth got him in trouble !! 

The story leading to trouble is: His father is a die heart Romantic, who wants to spend the rest of his life travelling with the wife i.e Spencer’s Mom and for that he plans on selling his chain of Jewellery Stores. When he found a potential buyer, a conservative business man Mr Offerman , he asked Spencer to zip it and behave in front of him. To help his father, Spencer may have exaggerated the goody two shoes act and he may have slipped up something about getting engaged to his best friend Charlotte.

Convincing Charlotte wasn’t easy, but she agrees to play along. Charlotte is…. umm lets just hear Spencer on this one !!

“Charlotte is pretty much a goddess of the highest order. First, she has wavy, blonde hair, paired with deep brown eyes. Most blondes have blue eyes, so Charlotte gets major points for the killer reverse combo that just slams you with unexpected and absolute hotness. She possesses a fantastic dry sense of humour. Plus, she’s whip smart. She is a softie and loves animals.”

In keeping up the charade of fake engagement, a kiss changes everything !!

Will this “Fake Engagement” turn into a genuine “Love Story”?

Read this “Witty, Dirty & Romantic” novella to know Spencer’s saga ➜  



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“Stripped Bare by Rebecca Moon” is a stand-alone novella and the first book in “The Warnum – Bailiff Series.” Many thanks to the Author Rebecca Moon for providing me with the free digital copy to review. I give this book 4 stars. “Stripped Bare” is a sweet love story filled with beauty, heartache and forgiveness. There are a lot of twists & turns in the story which makes it a page turner. The review is short in order to not give away a lot about the story.

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Sally Parker at the age of 25 is not what she had intended to be at this time in her life. Gone is the smart, vibrant, talented & ambitious girl. After getting scarred by her Ex-Scumbag-Boyfriend Shane, Sally not only lost her spirit but her strength too in that relationship. She had been fragile and closed off for years, but a flicker of hope blooms in her heart, when she meets Damien Johnson. 

Photo 11-01-16, 9 09 44 PM

Damien Johnson is a senior training officer for one of the elite teams in Navy. “A Stud muffin with brains.” Meeting Sally after years, didn’t change the yearning he had from their former years of knowing each other. Seeing her this vulnerable, broke his heart and he vowed to protect, cherish and heal her wounded heart. 

In a short period of time, their relationship bloomed and Sally’s faith in herself recurred. She was becoming her former self, when one day Damien’s unrevealed past knocked at their present !!!

Will Sally’s wounded heart heal again ? Will Damien get Sally back ever ?

To know their story of acceptance and forgiveness Click➜






Cover Reveal



When an eccentric woman and a cocksure marine get tangled up in a wild affair, it’s nothing short of explosive. 

Lexi challenges Levi in ways that keep him coming back for more. Levi has Lexi and her body wrapped around his finger and she’s incapable of staying away. But with Lexi determined to keep her heart guarded, Levi makes it his mission to get her to surrender. With scorching chemistry and quick-witted banter, these two might just end up being perfectly imperfect for each other.

Release date: January 11th 2016 !!!



Tentative Release Date – December 14, 2015

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Hidden Truth by J Kahele !! I was so excited to read this book after reading Violet Chain. I am not a fan of cliffhangers and needed this story like yesterday. What a twisted story it was. I really felt bad for what Violet had to go through and Chains turmoil. His vulnerability was heart melting, I wanted to just go make things right for him, and when I couldn’t I felt like wringing somebody’s neck literally. I loved how David & Callie were great friends to Chain & Violet, and the way it was portrayed by the author. I cant believe I finished this book overnight, it was such a page turner. Chemistry between Chain & Violet was off the charts !!!! 

After what happened with Violet, she tries to piece her life back together with Chain. That incident traumatised her and Chain being the loving boyfriend he was, supported her and dealt with it very patiently. Slowly and gradually they were trying to get past it. As the relationship progresses, Chain realises how much deeper his love for Violet is and how badly he wanted to make her his. He meets her family, which he was very skeptical about and does everything to please her. He buys her an engagement ring and every time he tries to propose her, she refuses asking for more time and more solidity in their relationship. Chain’s past is haunting him and he refuses to acknowledge it. Violet has a nagging feeling that Chain is hiding something, but every time she confronts him, he refuses. So she decides to dig herself, but doesn’t get any substantial information. Meanwhile Violet gets busy with her work, as her new clientele demanded a lot of her time and Chain is dealing with his architectural issues with his new mall. Everything was going well for them and one morning she accepts Chain’s proposal and gets engaged. 

But that morning everything changes !!!!!

Will Chain’s past rip them apart forever ?

*ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

A DIFFERENT CHRISTMAS (University Park 5) by C.M Doporto !!!!


5 CHRISTMAS STARS!!!!! A Different Christmas is a short novella (A Christmas Edition ) from UNIVERSITY PARK SERIES by Author C.M Doporto. This book is the final filler in Raven’s & Lexi’s life and the last missing piece of their puzzle, giving a perfect closure to this beautiful love story. It was really a cute, emotionally effusive and heart-melting story that will have you caught in “THE RAVEN’s TRAP” Once Again ! It gives you a glimpse of time, where Raven is working hard to prove his worth to everyone in his personal as well as professional life. Forgiveness is not easy and he is trying every possible thing to earn it. 

Raven & Lexi’s journey had been a rocky road, but they manage to salvage their love together defying all those who were against them. Lexi is pregnant with the twins and Raven is trying really hard to earn Lexi’s trust back. Also he had been granted one more chance to fulfil his dream of playing Pro-Football with New-Orleans Team. Knowing its his only chance to play-pro, he has to give his 100% to the team along with taking care of Lexi and twins. He is living his dream but things are not as easy as they seem. With the festivities around and help from his mother and grand-mother, Raven and Lexi are excited to welcome the twins in their life together. But Lexi still had not agreed to marry him!!!

Will she let go of her reserve and finally say yes to him ?

Will Raven let go of his demons and finally live his life with the loved ones?

To grab your copy of this cute christmas story click on the Pre-order link ➜

Book Releases November 30, 2015.

“Arc graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review”



From a New York Times bestselling author comes a hot, second-chance romance! When Brent reunites with Shannon, he vows not to let her get away again. Can she forget the past and submit to their intense passion — or will secrets stand between them?



Sadie’s always had eyes for Ethan, but he never saw her as anything more than his best friend’s little sister. Now that she’s grown out of her braces, she may just have a shot… Will a one-night stand lead to love or end in heartbreak?



With her life falling apart, Camryn has to find a boyfriend in time for her sister’s wedding. Will her crazy plan to fake a romance with her old friend Troy end happily ever after? “Great escape reading!”



Congratulations to the Author Eve Dangerfield on her debut novel “Degrees Of Control.”

OMG!!! This book is just WOW!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! It’s not what I expected, it consumed me and yet I felt unsatisfied. Definite page turner. It has fantastic humour, a beautiful storyline, erotic yet adorably romantic, great secondary characters. Book was a constant hot and cold drama, very well developed story.

Photo 16-10-15, 7 59 52 PM

Meet Charlotte Bell aka Charlie aka Blue-eyes. She is a yoga teacher and a vegan and she doesn’t drink. Wow thats really environmental-friendly.She is sweet, witty, kind and beautiful with a hentai look. And OMG she is an Australian too!!!! Charlie moves to Minneapolis,U.S.A with her boyfriend Dale who was a musician just in hopes of happiness eternal. But Dale soon becomes Douche and hence they split. Now charlie has a kinky side to her which hasn’t been explored.All her life she had chosen safe, or in Dale’s case, deceptively safe guys, steering clear of the alpha types that made her knees shake.She enjoyed vanilla sex, but in the back of her mind thoughts of being taken and controlled played like dirty films on a continuous loop. Charlie had never explored her sexual needs and now when in new country and new life she thought its time to start. After she confide her needs to her friends, her friend Sophia throws her a party more like an event and tries to set her up with her cousin James Hunter.

“Oh God. Oh God “Handsome” was entirely the wrong word to describe him”

Photo 16-10-15, 7 49 29 PM

James Hunter is a Businessman, former football player, former model “he got paid to take his shirt off” (OMG OMG) and a colossal man-whore with an accent to die for, an obnoxious alpha male.

“So let me get this straight, James Hunter is a rich Texan who used to model. You do realise I’m a poor Australian who gets asked if she’s still in high school.”

Photo 16-10-15, 8 09 13 PM   Photo 16-10-15, 8 15 04 PM

They start off casually, only wanting to explore her sexual fetish. Soon it turns into breakfast, lunch and dinner dates. The more they spend time together, more they get addicted to each other, but both are apprehensive with their feelings.

BUT JAMES HAS A PAST!!!! Will he be able to move past it and tell Charlotte about his true feelings?

I truly enjoyed the book and recommend it to everyone. I like how James and Charlotte were opposites, yet in a way Yin to Yang.

Book Releases 30 November, 2015


“ARC graciously provided by the author in exchange for honest review”


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INSTANT LOVE with the Author Bella J after reading her debut novel Resplendent Ruin. She knows her Alpha male and she knows it too well. The story was honestly just addictive! It’s the kind of story where you start the book and then suddenly realize that you’re halfway through and you have barely stopped. It was thrilling, emotional, romantic, hot, sexy, a lot of drama, just what I was looking forward to. Resplendent Ruin is a love triangle between Juliette Mason, her fiancé Daniel Clark and a mysterious stranger Knox Taylor.

Juliette Mason had a perfect life. She was beautiful, stunning, had a perfect fiancé, a perfect 15 rooms luxury apartment, a lifestyle to die for. Juliette and Daniel had been engaged for five of the ten years they had been together. Yes, it seemed like a long engagement—a really long engagement—but with Clarke & Mason in the forefront of their lives, they just never had the time to plan a wedding. With time, Daniel got busy with heavy workload and Juliette took a backseat in his life. They were drifting off.

Photo 09-10-15, 11 10 00 PM

Taylor Knox didn’t count on falling in love. He was living an adventurous life, reckless behavior, impulsive decisions, and beautiful women. While Knox is in town for business staying at Lexi’s, he comes across Juliette. It was an instant love-hate bond between them. Knox was an absolute opposite of what Juliette wanted, yet the attraction between them could not be denied.

“His blue irises reminded her of the ocean, crashing and churning and sparkling like diamonds under the moon. One minute they were peaceful and tranquil, the next there was an angry storm threatening to capsize an entire fleet of ships. She felt herself being reined in, little by little, drawn to the center, to the eye of the perfect storm—and there was no way she could fight it.Photo 09-10-15, 11 15 47 PM

While Daniel was away on business, Juliette spent time with Knox, he swept her off her feet and they both started falling for each other.

“I cant stay away from you Juliette.”
“I don’t know what this is between you and me, but God knows I want more of it.”

Magnitude of her feelings for Knox was much stronger than she ever felt before. She starts to see the cracks in her relationship with Daniel, yet she just could not be with Knox.

“I’m in love with you, Duchess, and I will never stop until you are mine.”

It was heart breaking to see her struggle to choose between the two men. The man she promised to spend her life with or the man who had her heart and soul.

Who will she choose? To know more, read Resplendent Ruin.
Click below to grab your copy 👇👇

This was a well written, engaging, heart-warming and at times gut-wrenching love story with a lot of twists and turns.

ARC graciously provided by Author in exchange for an honest review!

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